Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Château de Vincennes - the days in Europe 2012 ①

I always stay @ my friend's when I visit Paris, their house is located very close to Château de Vincennes Metro & RER stations.  
I loooove this area so much, as I feel more comfortable, rather than being in the central of Paris.
It's very quiet & peaceful here, there is the beautiful Château near by the park, and we can enjoy shopping as well :) they have some lovely delis and boulangeries  :) YUM!

On the Metro ligne-1, we sometime (sometime not....) have a "MIND THE GAP!" announcement (like in LONDON undergraund ! ) at some stations now, in French, English, German and JAPANESES !!! 
Really surprised when I heard the Japanese one :O

最近、メトロ1号線では駅に停車したときにロンドンの地下鉄で頻繁に聞く "MIND THE GAP!"(電車とプラットフォームの間が空いているから気を付けてねっ!)のようなアナウンスが入るように!しかも、フランス語、英語、ドイツ語、そして最後に日本語でさらりと「足元にご注意下さい。」って言ってましたよ!


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